The Future of Active Entertainment


A team of young and motivated developers full with passion for active lifestyle. We create our products by finding the need for them in our daily sports activities. Being part of the climbing community makes our systems developed from climbers to climbers. We are always happy when we receive feedback, so please feel free to contact us.

We augment experiences

by combining technology and physical activities.

Hardware & Firmware

The key to cost-effective products that are retrofittable and sustainable is to make their fundaments both stable and flexible at the same time. We develop our hardware and write the low-level code for it. This is one of the key factors that make our solutions a perfect fit for the clients.


We find it very important to integrate our solutions as invisible as possible to the end users. When we talk about physical activities there is no place for complex gadgets and wires anywhere. We focus on simple interfaces, intuitive interactions, minimal user manuals

Local & Global server development

Others say that the world is currently globalizing. We say that it already is globalized. We already have the need to share our emotions, experiences and achievements with friends and family. Our solutions virtualize the achievements of the end users and store them in the cloud. Players can play anywhere, anytime and stay connected no matter the distance between them.

Android & iOS apps

Have you noticed that the "Add to Bookmarks" button in our browsers is getting smaller and smaller? Users mindset is changing and they do not want to remember web addresses and login into websites all the time. Our clients follow the trends and they stay close to the players by sending them notifications and interacting with them on personal level. We make Android and iOS apps for our solutions that are customizable and fit every need

IoT & Complex systems

We can help you monitor and control not only the events in the entertainment center but also the activities that facilitators are responsible for. With IoT we can help you to outsource duties and worries to the cloud and leave more space for you to focus on more important things.

AI & Neural networks

IT solutions are getting more and more out of the linear box and become more and more adaptive and flexible. We are gaining experience in creating neural networks and training them to do complex tasks, like balancing the load on different attractions in one entertainment center, previewing incidents, suggesting promotions and entertainment center developing strategies, based on the successes of other centers

While talkers talk developers develop.

We have put tremendous amount of work in our products and we are proud to show them.
Find out how can you add one more dimention of fun to your activities.


A system upgrading the center by adding a game-like model, introducing points, rankings, challenges, achievements and rewards.

  • Enchances the user experience.
  • Calculates statistics
  • Bounces traffic into less popular zones
  • Simple to retrofit


A network of wireless cameras distributed around the center, giving the users a chance to capture the experience hands-free.

  • Completely wireless
  • Captures the moment for you
  • Mobile and web applications for editing and sharing

Climbing Timers

Inovative competition timer for speed climbing. It is designed to meet the criterias and standarts for professional IFSC speed competitions.

  • Detects when the climber starts and finishes
  • Professional equipment

Safe Gate

An array of sensors that ensures every person passing the threshold is safely clipped.

  • Automatic belay checking
  • Alarms in case of violator
  • Saves human lifes daily

Treasure Hunt

Sensor equipped holds that scan the climber's wristband and rewards him for reaching a certain checkpoints.

  • Rewards the climber and ranks him among others
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable