Тhe name says it all - it is a gamification platform intended to add one more dimension of fun and interaction in the active entertainment centers. Gamifier uses the climbing walls, the obstacle courses, the ropes courses аnd the caves as an infrastructure and introduces gamification elements like ranking, bonuses, achievment tracking, quests, team compentition, treasure hunt & capture the flag games. It is fully customisable and can fit any special request.

What is the user expirience?

Fast registration process

Gamifier divides its users into 3 types - team members, group leaders, and solo players. There are differentiated registration processes for each user type that simplify and speed up the registration process. Users can self-register on PC terminals at the reception desk. They need to have an email account and to meet the requirements for filling the waiver form with the custom conditions of the entertainment center. Minors get registered under their parents` or caretakers` profiles.

Various kinds of events

Gamifier has several game modes developed to fit any need or occasion:

  • Everyday use - the main mode of the system meant for new and returning players. Gamifier can be set to motivate players by calculating their place on the ranking table according to days since their last visit.
  • Play for a cause - extends the everyday use and provides the chance for users to gain their scores for a certain cause or to settle a debate. For example users can play to support the day of the veterans or climb certain walls as a vote for the answer of "Who came first - the chicken or the egg?".
  • Custom session - pauses the everyday use, restarts all the highscore records and makes only the players in the session visible on the ranking tables. Players have to compete with each other. After the session all the scores are added to the players` profiles. Very suitable for birthday parties.
  • Team session - extends the custom sesssions and adds teams. Facilitators can create unlimited amount of teams, assign names and custom colors for them. The mode is suitable for teambuildings.

The wristbands handle everything

Each player is given an RFID wristband at the reception and needs to assign it to his profile during registration. Visitors have to scan the wristbands at the specially marked spots to initiate interactions. Gamifier can be set to award the players with scores and credits. Scores are the points that users receive for their achievements while having fun. Credits are a virtual currency that visitors can spend at their discretion - buy merchandise, food, drinks or go to paid attractions. User profiles can be topped up with credits at the reception desk.
Players can have their own personalised wristbands or recieve temporary ones just for their visit.

NOTE: Gamifier supports single use RFID bracelets made from paper, but we do not recommend them since their detection range is extreamly low.

Events are shown on large TVs

Simple controls

All the features, settings and events of Gamifier are controlled from an Admin Panel. It can be accessed from any device that is connected to the local network of the system. Aministrators have control over:

  • Games log - a record of every game ever played.
  • Players - all created players with their scores and credits.
  • Bad words filter - list all the bad words you do not want to see on the TVs.
  • Credits - manage the vistual currency of the system.
  • Sessions - used for planning, starting and stopping the sessions.
  • Settings - all the settings for the Registration Terminals, Kiosks, TVs, Games and Updates.
  • System status - displays all the devices connected with the system and lets you control them.
  • Statistics - get a clear picture of how the entertainment center is developing.
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