What is Selfit

A single unit camera or a network of cameras placed across the area that the visitors can use to capture the moment, create a video or a funny gif. The cameras are great to capture an activity without the need of an operator, a tripod or even a cell phone. The camera detects commands in QR code format and execute the request. The request can be a photo in specific time, a video in and for a specific time, a timelapse or a boomerang. Using the Selfit mobile app you can create a code, browse your gallery, edit the content and share it on social media. All the content you create is stored on a cloud and not on the local memory. There is a Selfit website ( where you can browse and share content as well.

Camera unit

Every camera is battery powered (up to 12 hours) and WiFi connected, which makes it completely independent and easy to move around. It can be mounted on a mirror, a stand or hung down from the ceiling. On active mode it detects QR codes and starts executing the request in a manner of milliseconds. It is great for recording an activity, capturing a group photo or making a funny gif to share on social media. The request can be made from the display of a phone or a printed version of the QR code.

Mobile app

New users can sign in with an existing Facebook profile or create a new Selfit profile just by giving their email. They should be conscious, because the email must be verified in a period of 2 days. Right after signing in users can check their gallery, nearest places with Selfit cameras and generate a new QR code. Existing content can be edited and shared on social media.

Web site

For sign in visitors can use the same email and password or use their Facebook profile. There they can browse their private gallery and share content. After a file is shared, it moves to the public gallery, where they can find all the media they shared online. Without the need to go to the social media they can remove any content from the public gallery which makes it not accessible for other people.

Admin panels
Gym admin
In this panel the gym administrator can see information about all the installed cameras in the gym:
  • Status (Online, Offline, Shutdown and Restarting)
  • Battery life (in percentage)
  • Free memory (Memory of the camera before streamed to the cloud)
  • WiFi strength (in bars)
  • Actions (Identify, Mute)

Here he can set up a new camera with two easy steps. There are settings for the gym where he can set the location and the working time of the gym, so the users can easily find them. There is an option to leave a message to the visitors to inform them for an upcoming event or a future change in the gym.

Client admin

There is a panel for the owner of more than one gym. In that administrator panel he has all the functions of the gym administrators, but for all the gyms they operate.