a game-changing device
to maximize safety of climbing
in gyms and FEC's

The human error

There seems to be an assumption that mechanical or technical failure is more common and more serious than human error. The opposite is true — accidents in climbing gyms are far more likely to be due to human error than mechanical failure. High-risk situations where a climber starts his ascend without having attached himself to an autobelay happen every day. Happily, accidents are rare but they should not really happen at all.

When designing operations and choosing equipment, we need to focus on reducing the possible negative impact of human factors. It is crucial that wherever possible, at every critical point in the system, there is some form of a double-check.

Core function

Higher Eye is a highly durable system which prevents people to start climbing without being safety attach to a belay system and ultimately save lives — in any climbing facility — climbing gym or family entertainment center.

Higher Eye is a combination of IP cameras plus AI software on a local server.

Techtopia’s team of high-tech engineers has created a system that is smarter than any of the existing belay supervision systems available. It relies on AI and incorporates the latest technology in image recognition into an all-seeing camera device that detects the movement of a human approaching the climbing wall, follows and analyzes his actions observing multiple points on his body, and sets off an alarm in case the human forgets to attach to the belaying system of the wall and trespasses a certain height or into a neighboring climbing route. Gym owners can set the zones and parameters they want to have observed and monitored.

What's next?

Beyond its core function to alarm when a climber is not attached to an autobelay, the trained algorithms of Higher Eye bring multiple additional features such as:

Heat map

Heat map of the wall with statistics for the routes so gym owners can see which ones are preferred by climbers.

Route info

Detailed information about each route as average time to climb, where the climbers drop most often, what areas are the climbers passing fast or slow.

Climber info

Tailored information for each climber, enabling them to see a recording of their climb and optimize their strategy and moves.

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